Outside of rookie deals, there might not be a better value contract in the NBA right now than JaVale McGee’s $5 million salary with the Phoenix Suns. The Suns knew they were checking multiple boxes off their list when they signed him in free agency. With Dario Saric sidelined for the foreseeable future by an ACL tear, they were getting…

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Gerald Bourguet serves as PHNX's reporter, writing savant and podcast co-host for all things Phoenix Suns. He's been a basketball fan since the day he could say "Michael Jordan," graduated from the Walter Cronkite School at ASU in 2013 with a BA and MA in sports journalism and has been covering the NBA ever since. As a credentialed media member since 2015, Gerald dealt with his Suns-related depression through his writing...until the Bubble Suns changed everything. Now, the Artist Formerly Known as Zewio is just as excited to cover winning basketball as Suns fans are to enjoy watching it.