The commitment Monday afternoon from UTEP wide receiver transfer Jacob Cowing to the University of Arizona is far more important than just the potential impact of adding a player who caught for more than 1,300 yards and could have gone to any big-time school he so desired.

It signaled a total buy in from a player with immediate NFL aspirations to a coach who presided over an inept offense during his first season in Tucson.

One of the most glaring talent shortcomings of the Arizona football program this past season was the lack of skill position talent. It was across the board. The quarterback play, with a few exceptions, was arguably the worst in the conference. Running back plays was equally unimpressive.

The wide receiver unit, led by Stanley Berryhill III, earned a few bright marks but due to injury, lack of talent and a few other issues there wasn’t much to be excited about.

But let’s be honest, the quarterback position is the most important position on the field and as rare as it is, it’s one thing when arguably the best high school wide receiver, Tetairoa McMillan, commits or when his future teammates and four-star pass catchers Keyan Burnett and Kevin Green commit, those players have to be in Tucson three years, at least. That’s plenty of time to rectify a quarterback situation.

Cowlings’s arrival signals two things: One of the best players in the country believes Jedd Fisch will run a dynamic offense sooner than later, and that Arizona football now has one of the better wide receiver units in the conference.

One thing that is beyond dispute at this point is that Fisch can sell a football vision like few, if any, have been able to sell in Tucson.

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