Bobby Hurley’s Sun Devils outperform Utah Utes down the stretch to nab 67-59 Pac-12 victory. The win gives Arizona State control of their own destiny as it relates to Pac-12 Tournament seeding. Desmond Cambridge and Warren Washington delivered on senior night to give ASU some energy as the regular season inches to a close.
It’s time to Meet Anthony, Shane and Shawn on Mill as the guys break down the win on the PHNX Sun Devils show!


2:20 initial reactions

4:17 is ASU back?

6:30 the game by the numbers

9:26 what’s next for the seniors?

13:22 bottle service for Warren Washington

16:25 thoughts on the Cambridge brothers

19:54 flowers for Frankie Collins

23:40 what happens with Bobby Hurley?

27:25 Shane joins live from DFA

32:11 ASU aftertaste

38:30 Bobby Board


Anthony Totri joined PHNX in January of 2022 after spending the last few years in South Bend, Indiana covering Notre Dame athletics. He is a two-time graduate of Arizona State University. Totri is most definitely the worst go-kart driver at PHNX. Although in fairness, he doesn't get paid to be a getaway driver. He covers all things ASU sports and is the host of the PHNX Sun Devils show.