The May 16 vote on the Arizona Coyotes’ proposed arena and entertainment district is fast approaching. Coyotes president and CEO Xavier A. Gutierrez joins the PHNX Coyotes Podcast live in studio to address the state of the Tempe Wins campaign, the state of the franchise and his strong shoe game.

0:00 intro

3:00 State of the Tempe Wins campaign

5:40 What is the Coyotes strategy to combat opposition?

9:15 The Tempe Entertainment District is funded by…?

16:00 The Yotes are canvassing

22:30 How does this affect the City of Tempe?

28:50 Traffic patterns in Tempe

32:45 Quantify the value of an arena

41:15 Coming back to do Q&A

43:00 What is the Coyotes plan b?

45:40 Is there a day the Coyotes could replicate the Suns success?

52:40 Financial stability of the organization

56:00 Xavier is a stylish man

59:15 Talking about the black excellence jerseys


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