With the Scouting Combine history, the next month will be filled with NFL personnel executives and coaches fanning out around the country for Pro Days.

For the Arizona colleges, Arizona State has its Pro Day scheduled for March 27, which is also the first day of the NFL annual meeting that this year returns to the Arizona Biltmore.

Arizona had a Pro Day for rising seniors on February 10 and the one for this year’s draft-eligible players will be March 16.

On March 28, the day after Arizona State’s Pro Day, Northern Arizona will host its Pro Day. The 22 inches of snow still on the ground is expected to be mostly gone by then.

Below is a comprehensive list of Pro Days listed alphabetically by school and then by date. Several have been conducted already. But have been listed to show the complete schedule.

All are for 2023 draft-eligible players except for those designated RS for rising seniors.

We will keep this list updated throughout the month.


March 17: Baylor, Penn State

March 14: Bowie State, Colorado, Texas A&M-Commerce, Texas-El Paso

March 13: Central Oklahoma, Georgia Southern, P Jake Gerardi (Southern Utah)

March 9: Florida International, Kennesaw State, South Florida, C Joe Tippmann (Wisconsin), QB Dane Evans (British Columbia CFL)

Pro Days by School

Air Force               March 15

Akron                   March 16 (RS)

Akron                   March 29

Alabama                  March 8 (RS)

Alabama                  March 23

Alabama-Birmingham       March 22

Albany, N.Y.             March 30

Albany, N.Y.             April 6 (RS)

Appalachian State        March 30

Arizona                 February 10 (RS)

Arizona                 March 16

Arizona State            March 27

Arkansas                 March 29

Arkansas-Pine Bluff      March 27

Arkansas State           March 28 (DE/RS)

Army                    February 15 (RS)

Army                    March 16

Ashland                 March 22

Auburn                  March 20 (RS)

Auburn                  March 21

Ball State              February 26 (RS)

Ball State              March 27

Baylor                     March 27

Boise State              March 27

Boise State              April 12 (RS)

Boston College           March 24

Boston College           March 24 (RS)

Bowie State             March 17 (RS)

Bowie State             March 29

Bowling Green            March 20

Brigham Young            February 14 (RS)

Brigham Young            March 30

Bryant                  March 22

Buffalo                 March 16

California              March 23

California, Pa.          March 28

Central Arkansas         March 28

Central Michigan         February 16 (RS)

Central Michigan         March 15

Central Oklahoma        March 29

Chattanooga             March 31

Cincinnati               March 23

Clemson                 March 14

Colorado                 March 15 (DE/RS)

Colorado State           March 20 (RS)

Colorado State           March 31

Columbia                March 8

Connecticut              March 22

Connecticut              April 11 (RS)

Delaware                March 22

Duke                    March 27

Duquesne                March 29

East Carolina            March 28

Eastern Kentucky         March 8 (RS)

Eastern Kentucky         March 23

Eastern Michigan         March 16

Florida                 March 30 (DE/RS)

Florida International     March 27

Florida State            March 31

Fresno State             February 22 (RS)

Fresno State             March 30

Georgia                 March 15 (DE/RS)

Georgia Southern      March 17

Georgia State            March 16

Georgia Tech             February 16 (RS)

Georgia Tech             March 16

Grambling               March 14 (DE/RS)

Grand Valley State       February 14 (RS)

Grand Valley State       March 12

Hampton                 March 24

Harvard                  March 9

Holy Cross               March 23

Houston                  March 23 (DE/RS)

Illinois                March 9 (RS)

Illinois                 March 10

Illinois State           March 9

Incarnate Word           March 22

Indiana                  March 7

Indiana                  March 7 (RS)

Iowa                    March 20

Iowa State              March 21

Jackson State            February 16 (RS)

Jackson State            March 27

James Madison            March 8 (RS)

James Madison            March 20

Kansas                   March 31

Kansas State             March 31

Kansas State             March 31 (RS)

Kennesaw State         March 15

Kent State              March 15

Kentucky                 March 24

Louisiana-Lafayette      March 15

Louisiana State          April 3 (RS)

Louisiana State          March 29

Louisiana Tech           March 14

Louisiana Tech           March 30 (RS)

Louisville              March 8 (RS)

Louisville              March 28

Maine                   March 21

Marshall                March 22 (RS)

Maryland                 March 29

Maryland                 March 29 (RS)

Massachusetts            March 23

Massachusetts            April 7 (RS)

Memphis                  March 27

Mercer                  March 15

Merrimack               March 23

Miami                   March 27

Miami, Ohio             March 8

Michigan                March 13 (RS)

Michigan                March 17

Michigan State           March 15

Middle Tennessee         March 28

Minnesota                March 15

Mississippi             March 29

Mississippi State        March 28

Missouri                 March 24

Monmouth                March 9

Montana State            March 30 (RS)

Montana State            April 5

Morgan State             March 29

Nebraska                March 22 (DE/RS)

Nevada                  March 9

Nevada                  March 9 (RS)

Nevada-Las Vegas         March 7 (RS)

Nevada-Las Vegas         March 8

New Mexico              March 10

New Mexico              April 10 (RS)

New Mexico State         March 22

North Carolina           March 27

North Carolina-Charlotte March 30

North Carolina State     March 28

North Dakota             March 29 (RS/DE)

North Dakota State       March 28 (RS)

North Dakota State       March 29

Northern Arizona         March 28

Northern Iowa            March 20 (DE/RS)

North Texas             March 29

Northwestern             March 14

Notre Dame              March 23 (RS)

Notre Dame              March 24

Ohio                    March 21

Ohio State              March 22

Ohio State              April 19 (RS)

Oklahoma                March 30

Oklahoma State           March 29

Old Dominion             March 24

Oregon                  March 14

Oregon State             March 13

Ouachita Baptist         March 30

Penn State              March 24 (DE/RS)

Pittsburgh              March 29 (RS)

Pittsburgh              March 29

Prairie View             March 9

Princeton               March 21

Rice                    March 10

Rutgers                 March 21

Saginaw Valley State     March 16

San Diego               March 17

San Diego State          March 17

Sam Houston State        March 27

San Jose State           March 24

Shepherd                March 19 (RS)

Shepherd                March 28

South Alabama            March 20

South Carolina           March 13

South Dakota State       March 31

Southeast Missouri       March 10

Southern                March 16

Southern Methodist       March 22

Southern California      March 21

Southern Mississippi     February 13 (RS)

Southern Mississippi     March 27

South Florida                   March 29

Stanford                March 22

Stephen F. Austin        March 14 (RS)

Stephen F. Austin        March 21

Stony Brooks             February 17 (RS)

Stony Brook             March 20

Syracuse                March 20

Tarleton State           March 20

Temple                  March 22

Tennessee               March 29 (RS)

Tennessee               March 30

Tennessee-Martin         March 27

Texas                   March 9

Texas A&M               March 28

Texas A&M-Commerce       March 24

Texas Christian          March 30

Texas-El Paso             March 21

Texas-El Paso                April 11 (RS)

Texas Southern           March 23

Texas State             March 22

Texas-San Antonio        March 22

Texas Tech              March 29

Texas Tech              April 12 (RS)

Toledo                  March 20

Toledo                  April 18 (RS)

Troy                    March 20 (RS)

Troy                    March 21

Tulane                  March 16

Tulsa                   March 28

UCLA                    March 15

Utah                    February 15 (RS)

Utah                    March 23

Utah State              March 22

Vanderbilt              March 28

Virginia                March 13 (RS)

Virginia                March 22

Virginia Tech            March 14 (RS)

Virginia Tech            March 20

Wake Forest             March 29

Washington              March 28 (RS)

Washington              March 29

Washington State         March 27 (RS)

Washington State         March 28

Weber State             March 22

West Florida             March 20

West Virginia            March 21 (RS)

West Virginia            March 27

Western Kentucky         March 29

Western Michigan         March 13

William & Mary           March 23

William Paterson         April 4

Wisconsin               March 23

Wyoming                 March 21 (RS)

Wyoming                 March 30

Yale                    March 23

Noah Gindorff, TE        March 29 (at North Dakota State)

Ethan Evans, P, Wingate  March 28 (at North Carolina State)

Titus Swen, RB, Wyoming  March 29 (Eaton High School)

Dru Brown, QB, Winnipeg CFL   March 29 (at Oklahoma State)

Tre Ford, QB, Edmonton CFL    March 16 (at Buffalo)

Dohnte Myers, WR, Delta State March 27 (at Jackson State)

Joe Tippmann, C, Wisconsin       April 7 (at Wisconsin)

Dane Evans, QB, British Columbia CFL         March 28 (at Tulsa)

Jake Gerardi, P, Southern Utah        March 20 (at Oceanside, Calif., High School

Pro Days by Date

February 10

Arizona (RS)

February 13

Southern Mississippi (RS)

February 14

Brigham Young (RS)

February 15

Army (RS)

Utah (RS)

February 16

Central Michigan (RS)

Georgia Tech (RS)

Jackson State (RS)

February 17

Stony Brook (RS)

February 22

Fresno State (RS)

February 26

Ball State (RS)

March 7

Indiana (DE/RS)

Nevada-Las Vegas (RS)

March 8

Alabama (RS)


Eastern Kentucky (RS)

James Madison (RS)

Louisville (RS)

Miami, Ohio

Nevada-Las Vegas

March 9


Illinois (RS)

Illinois State


Nevada (DE/RS)

Prairie View


March 10


New Mexico


Southeast Missouri

March 12

Grand Valley State

March 13

Michigan (RS)

Oregon State

South Carolina

Virginia (RS)

Western Michigan

March 14


Grambling (DE/RS)

Grand Valley State (RS)

Louisiana Tech



Stephen F. Austin (RS)

Virginia Tech (RS)

March 15

Air Force

Central Michigan

Colorado (DE/RS)

Georgia (DE/RS)

Kennesaw State

Kent State



Michigan State



March 16

Akron (RS)




Tre Ford, QB, Edmonton CFL at Buffalo

Eastern Michigan

Georgia State

Georgia Tech

Saginaw Valley State



March 17

Bowie State (RS)

Georgia Southern


San Diego

San Diego State

March 19

Shepherd (RS)

March 20

Auburn (RS)

Bowling Green

Colorado State (RS)


James Madison

Northern Iowa (DE/RS)

South Alabama

Stony Brook


Tarleton State


Troy (RS)

Virginia Tech

West Florida

P Jake Gerardi, Southern Utah at Oceanside, Calif., High School

March 21


Iowa State





Southern California

Stephen F. Austin

Texas-El Paso


West Virginia (March 21)

Wyoming (RS)

March 22






Incarnate Word

Marshall (RS)

Nebraska (DE/RS)

New Mexico State

Ohio State

Southern Methodist



Texas-San Antonio

Texas State

Utah State


Weber State

March 23




Eastern Kentucky

Holy Cross

Houston (DE/RS)



Notre Dame (RS)

Texas Southern


William & Mary



March 24

Boston College (DE/RS)

Brigham Young




Notre Dame

Old Dominion

Penn State (DE/RS)

San Jose State

Texas A&M-Commerce

March 27

Arizona State

Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Ball State


Boise State


Florida International

Jackson State

Donhte Myers, WR, Delta State at Jackson State



North Carolina

Sam Houston State

Southern Mississippi


Washington State (RS)

West Virginia

March 28

Arkansas State (DE/RS)

California, Pa.

Central Arkansas

East Carolina


Middle Tennessee

Mississippi State

North Carolina State

*Ethan Evans, P, Wingate at North Carolina State

North Dakota State (RS)

Northern Arizona


Texas A&M



Washington (RS)

Washington State

Dane Evans, QB, British Columbia CFL (at Tulsa)

March 29



Bowie State

Central Oklahoma


Louisiana State

Maryland (DE/RS)


Morgan State

North Dakota (DE/RS)

North Dakota State

North Texas

Oklahoma State

*Dru Brown, QB, Winnipeg CFL at Oklahoma State

Pittsburgh (DE/RS)

South Florida

Tennessee (RS)

Texas Tech

Western Kentucky

Wake Forest


Titus Swen, RB, Wyoming at Eaton High School

March 30

Albany, N.Y.

Appalachian State

Florida (DE/RS)

Louisiana Tech (RS)

Montana State (RS)

North Carolina-Charlotte


Ouachita Baptist


Texas Christian


March 31


Colorado State

Florida State


Kansas State (DE/RS)

South Dakota State

April 3

Louisiana State (RS)

April 4

William Paterson

April 5

Montana State

April 6

Albany, N.Y. (RS)

April 7

Massachusetts (RS)

Joe Tippmann, C, Wisconsin (at Wisconsin)

April 10

New Mexico (RS)

April 11

Connecticut (RS)

Texas-El Paso (RS)

April 12

Boise State (RS)

Texas Tech (RS)

April 13

Noah Gindorff, TE at North Dakota State

April 18

Toledo (RS)

April 19

Ohio State (RS)

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