Bobby Hurley’s Sun Devils are in need of some transfer portal luck. Arizona State’s Devan Cambridge, who previously announced he’d be returning to Tempe, has entered the transfer portal. Is help on the way, and if so, when will ASU get its next transfer? The Athletic’s Tobias Bass joins the show to discuss Arizona State’s transfer market and what the rest of the Pac-12 is up to?

Join Anthony and Shane as they discuss it all on the PHNX Sun Devils show!

0:00 intro

1:45 Tobias Bass joins the show!

2:32 possible incoming transfers

6:28 possible landing spots for Harrison Ingram

7:18 the evolution of the transfer portal

12:05 when can we expect the next incoming ASU transfer?

12:54 interview takeaways

14:33 what is ASU losing with Devan Cambridge entering the portal?

21:19 ASU alum Jon Rahm won the Masters

30:27 ASU baseball is a WAGON


Anthony Totri joined PHNX in January of 2022 after spending the last few years in South Bend, Indiana covering Notre Dame athletics. He is a two-time graduate of Arizona State University. Totri is most definitely the worst go-kart driver at PHNX. Although in fairness, he doesn't get paid to be a getaway driver. He covers all things ASU sports and is the host of the PHNX Sun Devils show.