The first round of the NHL playoffs have been chaotic and the tides are shifting with the Tampa Bay staving off elimination and the New Jersey Devils capturing the series lead. What went wrong for the Toronto Maple Leafs? Hint: it’s not what you think it is. Plus, the Winnipeg Jets are out and head coach Rick Bowness is NOT happy. And how does the Phoenix Suns moving to free TV affect the Coyotes?

Let’s take a break from talking about the postseason, the draft lottery and the Arizona Coyotes’ proposed arena and have some fun on this Friday Funday edition of the PHNX Coyotes Podcast!

3:30 Checking in on the NHL Playoffs

4:00 Leafs still can’t close a series

8:45 Knights eliminate Jets, Bowness is PISSED

19:30 Suns leave Bally’s… will Yotes follow suit?

22:30 Leah’s tales from Toronto

40:25 The Weekend Binge