Connor Bedard leads Corey Pronman’s final 2023 NHL Draft rankings, but who else should Arizona Coyotes fans know outside of Bedard and Adam Fantilli? Is the headline for this year’s draft still: The big 4 and the rest? The Athletics NHL prospects analyst Corey Pronman joins the PHNX Coyotes podcast to break down the 2023 draft class.

0:00 Intro

1:10 Corey’s latest prospect list

6:10 Who has hurt their draft stock

7:10 How Connor Bedard compares to Shane Wright

10:30 The landscape surrounding Matvei Michkov

16:43 Is Leo Carlsson a high-end talent?

18:25 Redrafting the 2022 top-5

20:20 Thoughts on Will Smith

22:10 Projections for Slovakia’s Dalibor Dvorsky

24:10 D prospect Tom Willander

25:30 Moose Jaw’s Brayden Yager

27:00 Vancouver & Slovakia’s Samuel Honzek

28:15 Can the Yotes get a good player?

32:15 Reacting to Corey’s analysis

43:25 Ratu, Szuber sign ECLs, Cooley undecided

45:50 Calder finalists announced today

48:15 Thoughts on NHL playoffs

49:15 TED vote update