The Arizona Coyotes have yet to move up in an NHL Draft Lottery. The Yotes will pick sixth and twelfth (via the Ottawa Senators) at the 2023 NHL Draft.. The lack of lottery luck seems to be a curse that hangs over the Coyotes franchise, made worse this year by the winners of the first overall pick. Less than two years after the Kyle Beach story came to light, the Chicago Blackhawks won the lottery. What does this say about the NHL and how they handled the situation?

Craig and Leah discuss the lack of justice for Beach, the unfairness of it all and how we got to this point. Plus, the crew breaks down the improbable bad luck that curses the Yotes and all of the NHL Draft Lottery fallout on the PHNX Coyotes Podcast!

0:00 Intro

2:25 Analyzing the Chicago Blackhawks controversy

9:30 Perspectives on the Kyle Beach situation

11:45 How the Blackhawks winning the draft lottery affects Connor Bedard

12:50 Discussing the NHL draft lottery

14:25 Damn-it doll smack

18:00 Analyzing the Coyotes draft lottery results

22:25 How much is to blame on Bill Armstrong?

25:30 The reality of the Coyotes

27:30 What’s going to happen with Matvei Michkov?

30:45 Going over NHL mock drafts

33:40 The Coyotes’ defensive prospect pool

36:30 Previewing the NHL draft in Nashville