PHNX Suns Podcast contributor and Phoenix Suns Center, Jock Landale joins the show today to talk all things NBA and Suns. What does the future for him look like? What was it like battling Nikola Jokic? Plus, we’ll talk about his Twitter trolling. Join us!

2:00 Jock Landale rates the Phoenix Suns season
6:30 What did Jock learn about himself this season
10:00 Jock Landale wants to stay in Phoenix
12:00 Discussing Nikola Jokic’s dominance
25:40 Jock’s thoughts on Monty Williams
29:50 Jock crashed a wedding in San Diego?
33:40 Answering fan questions
51:00 Saul addresses his feelings on Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson and Monty Williams