The 2023 NHL Draft is just over a month away. Who should the Arizona Coyotes target with the 6th and 12th picks? NHL Draft and prospects analyst Chris Peters joins the PHNX Coyotes Podcast to break down the best prospects in that range. Plus, could Matvei Michkov still be available at #6, and if so, should the Coyotes consider taking him? And does Peters still stand by ranking Logan Cooley #1 overall in 2022 and is going back to college for his sophomore season the right decision?

0:00 Intro

3:20 The prospects for the Coyotes to look out for

4:10 Which prospect’s stock is rising

7:20 Which prospect’s stock is falling?

10:30 Matvei Michkov situation

13:15 The political landscape for NHL Russian prospects

15:50 2022 NHL Draft top-5 re-draft

20:30 The importance of prospects staying college and developing before entering the NHL draft

23:00 Who will be available for the Coyotes to select?

30:35 Analysis on prospect Matthew Wood

35:25 Analysis on prospect Daniil But

43:30 Possibility of get Logan Cooley

51:30 Petey joins the show

52:45 NHL playoff picks recap and preview for the East/West playoffs

1:01:40 Arizona Coyotes’ twitter