ASU Tight End Jalin Conyers is back with another episode of The High Point. Join him as he talks with Arizona State University Defensive Backs Jordan Clark and Chris Edmonds about the upcoming season, Head Coach Kenny Dillingham and the Pac-12!

0:00 – Intro

1:30 – MJ vs. LeBron off the rip

4:35 – Spring Ball Recap

7:30 – What made you stay at ASU?

16:40 – MMA and Boxing with JC

25:00 – Instigating time

31:00 – Start, Bench, Cut

49:30 – This or that?


Anthony Totri joined PHNX in January of 2022 after spending the last few years in South Bend, Indiana covering Notre Dame athletics. He is a two-time graduate of Arizona State University. Totri is most definitely the worst go-kart driver at PHNX. Although in fairness, he doesn't get paid to be a getaway driver. He covers all things ASU sports and is the host of the PHNX Sun Devils show.

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