Lindsey Smith


On today’s episode we discuss how the west is wide open for the Suns. Phoenix Mercury guard Shey Peddy joins us to talk about the upcoming WNBA playoffs. And we share our love for Devin Booker and Kyler Murray in the Valley! Hosts: Gerald Bourguet, Saul Bookman, Lindsey Smith and Greg Esposito.

On this special edition of the PHNX Suns Show, we head to the Purple People’s Court. The honorable and Emmy award winning Lindsey Smith presides over the case of ‘Who Should Enter the Ring of Honor First, Amare Stoudemire or Shawn Marion?” Representing Stoudemire is Espo and representing Marion is Gerald Bourguet. Saul Bookman is the juror and will determine the fate. It’s all next on … The Purple People’s Court!

Phoenix Suns forward Cam Johnson joins us on today’s episode to talk last season, this upcoming season and everything in between. We also share our favorite dunk in Suns history and we ask the question “If you were the owner of the Suns, what’s the first thing you would do?” Hosts: Saul Bookman, Gerald Bourguet, Lindsey Smith and Greg Esposito