Makayla Perkins


Who are the most underappreciated athletes in Arizona sports? GIVE THEM ALL THEIR FLOWERS!!! Which athletes that reside in the valley do you think don’t get enough love… James Conner, Ketel Marte, Clayton Keller or Devin Booker? Join host Makayla Perkins and the PHNX Crew to hand out all the awards!

Let’s discuss recent roster decisions in Arizona sports! Phil Kessel didn’t get traded at the NHL trade deadline and Kyler Murray has yet to sign an extension with the Arizona Cardinals… Join host Makayla Perkins and the PHNX crew as they break it all down!

It’s time for the first ever State of the State address! The Arizona Diamondbacks might never play, the Phoenix Suns are missing their backcourt with Devin Booker and Chris Paul out but still lead the league, the Arizona Cardinals extend their GM Steve Keim and head coach Kliff Kingsbury and the Arizona Coyotes…? Who knows. Host Makayla Perkins is joined by Lindsey Smith and Chierstin Susel to give the state address for each organization.

Which Arizona sports athlete on the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Coyotes, and Arizona Diamondbacks would emerge victorious in the Hunger Games? Join host Makayla Perkins and the PHNX Crew as they go through each team’s “tribute” and discuss strengths and weaknesses. Plus, which PHNX employee would survive the games?

Arizona Cardinals fans are upset about Kyler Murray’s social media. Suns fans are upset about Deandre Ayton and not getting a contract extension. Hockey fans are making fun of the Coyotes playing in ASU Arena… all while baseball fans mad at the world. Join host Makayla Perkins and the PHNX Crew as they discuss how Arizona sports fans are fairing through the drama.

With the NBA all-star reserves set to be announced this week and the NHL and NFL all-star games approaching, we debate which league has the best all-star weekend of them all. Join host Makayla Perkins and guests Leah Merrall and Anthony Totri as they discuss each league’s festivities and choose their favorites!

The Arizona Cardinals got destroyed in the first round of the NFL Playoffs this week. Pretty much every Arizona sports team has made the playoff and loss in heartbreaking fashion. While no hardware has been brought home, there are some that sting more than others. So which Arizona sports playoff loss hurts the most? Join host Makayla Perkins and guests Craig Morgan, Gerald Bourguet and Anthony Totri in heartbreak city.

It’s not every day the Arizona Cardinals make it to the playoffs! Join host Makayla Perkins and guests Chierstin Susel, Johnny Venerable, and Espo as they discuss what this playoff appearance means for the Arizona Cardinals and what we can expect in the matchup against the LA Rams.