The Story


You could say Suns center Bismack Biyombo is the definition of what it means to be a light in this world. Whether it’s by his faith or his upbringing, he’s created a life centered around servicing others. In this episode, we’ll explore his journey that began in his native Democratic Republic of Congo, the miracles and tragedies along the way, and…

The story behind the unlikely way ASU hockey became a D1 program and what it took to get to this point as they get ready to play their home-opener in a brand new arena, is worth reflecting on. It gives you a better appreciation for where it’s been, and where this program is headed. 

After a failed audition in 2019, Gus Farwell thought he’d never sing again, but little did he know, the world needed his voice. In this episode, we continue to dive into the life of the former Arizona State quarterback and how it was forever changed during the pandemic.

Gus Farwell has one heckuva story to tell. He was friends and teammates with a true American hero, Pat Tillman, and roommates with Sun Devil legend, Jake Plummer. He’s performed in front of celebrities like Billy Crystal and Tom Hanks. But, he’s also experienced tremendous highs and lows in life that have shaped and guided his path. In this two-part series, we’ll take a look at the life of the former Arizona State backup quarterback how it all led him to a viral moment during the pandemic, and fulfilling dreams decades in the making.

The original group that launched the AAF did everything they could to help the league survive, but it didn’t even last a full season. In this series finale, we’ll take a look into what wrong, the way it was all handled when the league shut its doors, and the lasting memories it left behind.

The Alliance of American Football, or the AAF was a league that aimed at giving players a second opportunity who had seemingly missed their shot at playing professional football. The league began play in 2019 and thus the Arizona Hotshots were born. In the first episode of a 3-part series, we take a look back what went into getting it all off the ground, and the story behind the Hotshots brand.

To have one voice capture generations of moments within one franchise is incredibly special… the Valley has its very own broadcast legend in Al McCoy who just wrapped up his 50th season calling games for the Suns. While he’s yet to retire, it’s worth reflecting on what suns fans have here in the Valley, the ability to have witnessed the making of a legend.