Arizona Wildcats


Sunday afternoon the UA basketball world paid its final respects to the great, Lute Olson. And it was a star studded affair with names like Steve Kerr, Richard Jefferson and Andre Iguodala in attendance. It’s no secret that Arizona Basketball has the best fan base in the entire Pac-12 conference and certainly the most intimidating home court advantage. And there…...

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Arizona Wildcat gets stiff armed

Is there a more tortured fan than that of the Arizona Wildcat football enthusiast?It takes about five minutes of any football interaction with a casual Pac 12 observer and an Arizona Wildcat fan for the rhetorical question “You guys have never played in the Rose Bowl, correct?” to be posted. It’s as close to a mic drop phrase as you will ever come across. And it is rightfully something that eats at Wildcat fans. Arizona football fans have proven they will show up from some of the vintage Dick Tomey teams of the 1990s to the Mike Stoops era. But inevitably, their excitement ends in disappointment. And it’s much deeper than never playing in the Rose Bowl. There are too…