Jakob Chychrun


It’s odd how smells and tastes can transport you instantly to a past experience. It happened to me this past weekend while I was in Tucson to cover the Coyotes-Ducks preseason game. My wife and I needed a shot of espresso on Saturday evening to give us a needed boost for our planned late night. After our dinner at The…...

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André Tourigny faced myriad challenges in his first year as an NHL coach. Year two behind the Coyotes bench will only add to his trials. The Arizona roster has been remade again, robbing the team of much of its previous leadership group, and this season’s roster is built for yet another season of languishing at the bottom of the standings. On top of that, the Coyotes will play in a 5,000-seat (less for NHL games) college arena, their practice facility is a makeshift amalgam of spaces, the team won’t play a single home game in the preseason and it will play 20 of its first 24 regular-season games on the road. None of this phases Tourigny. “I’m not a guy…