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Welcome to Part 2 of the Phoenix Suns Trade Deadline primer! In Part 1 on Monday, we covered tons of ambitious, realistic and last-resort trade targets for the Suns to consider ahead of the 2023 NBA Trade Deadline. Trading Jae Crowder is obviously a must, and addressing needs like ball-handling, shot creation and size/rebounding at the 4 would be helpful…

In Part 1 of the 2023 Phoenix Suns trade deadline primer, here are some realistic and ambitious trade targets.

There haven’t been this many Phoenix Suns trade rumors out in the open during James Jones’ tenure since…well, quite possibly ever. The trade buzz reached a fever pitch over the summer with Kevin Durant, but over the last few weeks, name after name has come up in conjunction with the Suns. That’s reassuring news for a fanbase waiting for resolution on the Jae Crowder front. Trading his $10.2 million expiring salary somewhere before the 2023 NBA Trade Deadline on Feb. 9 is a top item on Mat Ishbia’s checklist, and it’s no secret the Suns could use some help in a few key areas: ball-handling in the backcourt, shot creation in general, and rebounding/size at the 4-spot. Trading for a…

Here are a few more Jae Crowder trades for the Phoenix Suns to consider.

Jae Crowder still hasn’t been traded. Despite his agreement with the Phoenix Suns to remain away from the team until they could navigate a trade, despite Phoenix’s 6-1 start to the season, and despite Crowder’s value as an experienced 3-and-D wing, Bossman still technically remains a member of the Suns. Last week, The Athletic’s Shams Charania listed the Milwaukee Bucks,...

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