OG Anunoby

The Phoenix Suns may not get Kevin Durant, but Dejounte Murray and Malcolm Brogdon are among the other potential trade targets in 2022.

The dream isn’t technically dead, but at this point, it feels highly unlikely the stars will align for that blockbuster Kevin Durant trade to the Phoenix Suns. After weeks of reports that the Brooklyn Nets were not interested in a long-term Kyrie Irving extension, it felt certain the seven-time All-Star would entertain his options elsewhere. Instead, Monday’s news cycle presented...

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OG Anunoby would be a terrific return for the Phoenix Suns in a potential Deandre Ayton sign-and-trade, but it probably won't happen.

For about the millionth time this offseason: The Phoenix Suns’ most prudent course of action this summer is still coming to terms on a new extension with Deandre Ayton. A five-year max is probably out of the question after they failed to pony up last offseason, but if they so choose, the Suns are still in the driver’s seat to keep their restricted free agent. Even after a Game 7 meltdown that featured a sideline blowup between Ayton and coach Monty Williams, that matters. The growing sentiment that DA is gone pales in the light of three undeniable facts: Even on a four-deal, the Suns can still offer more money than anyone elseThe Suns can match any offer sheet from…