Tempe City Council


Early in the Coyotes’ bid to build an arena and entertainment district along the south bank of the Salt River, there was a strong possibility that the Tempe City Council would reject the team’s proposal. “One hundred percent true,” council member Randy Keating said Tuesday. “Even before deciding to enter negotiations with the Coyotes, there was a lot of mixed…

Coyotes president and CEO Xavier A. Gutierrez told reporters before the team’s first game at Mullett Arena that the Tempe City Council would vote on the team’s proposed arena and entertainment district on Nov. 29, but sources told PHNX that the council is also likely to refer the proposal to referendum, which could leave the vote in the hands of Tempe citizens. While the vote on Nov. 29 will provide clarity on council’s opinion of the Coyotes’ proposal — on the entitlements and on the general plan amendment — a referendum would be the ultimate vote in determining whether the project begins. That citizen vote would be held on May 16. The City of Tempe issued a press release on…