TJ Semptimphelter


Denise Semptimphelter always marveled at her son’s equal commitment to academics and hockey. TJ knew the rules. He had to finish his homework before he could go to practice, but hockey was such an important and time-consuming part of his life that there was little time left for anything else. “I don’t know if that routine made him become a really high achiever, but he always wanted straight As and that wasn’t something that we put on him,” said Denise, a third-grade school teacher. “He put that on himself because he always wanted to be the best, whether it was the best goalie, the best mathematician or the best writer. But that meant that he missed a lot of things…

You couldn’t write a script better than the one that unfolded at the Sun Devils men’s hockey team’s first-ever game at Mullett Arena on Friday. In front of a sold-out crowd and a student section larger than the entire capacity of Oceanside Ice Arena, captain Josh Doan ushered in a new generation of ASU hockey. “There’s hockey gods and they were here tonight because Josh Doan certainly deserves to have that benchmark in history in our program,” coach Greg Powers said. That benchmark, of course, is the goal that Doan scored with 45 seconds left in the first period to give the Sun Devils a 1-0 lead over Colgate. The team went on to win in a 2-0 shutout. Seriously,…